The “Black Churches” cover is reprinted with the permission of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, part of the USA TODAY Network (Gannett), and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester Archives.

“Black Churches”: Jim Laragy, Cover Photograph for Upstate New York, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Jan. 28, 1980

Editor’s Notes: Upstate New York was a weekend supplement for the Democrat & Chronicle. This photocopy of the magazine cover, which Sarah Ogunji identified, is held in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester Archives.

Label Caption: “The banner of the black Jesus, on the cover, hangs behind the altar of Immaculate Conception Church on South Plymouth Avenue. Cover photography by Jim Laragy.”


Map of “The Corn Hill Neighborhood” (No Date, Circa 2000s)

Map identified, scanned, and annotated by Sarah Ogunji. The Immaculate Conception Church is featured in this map.

Source: Corn Hill Neighbors Association. Published with the permission of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association.