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Month: June 2020

St. Monica Parishioners

All primary sources are published with the permission of the St. Monica Archives (SMA).

New St. Monica Adult Faith Formation / Adult Education / Spiritual Needs Survey (Apr. 27, 2007)

Description from page 4: “The survey results were compiled 4/25/07 and reflect the written input of 65 respondents out of a total of over 80 participants at the April 2007 Parish Meeting on the topic of Adult Faith Formation. The survey remains a work-in-progress. The results will be reviewed in the upcoming weeks by an ad hoc Adult Faith Formation Team to interpret the results and make recommendations for follow-through.”


Records of St. Monica Retreat, “Lay Participation and the Work of the People” (Oct. 20, 2007)


Karen A. Tipple Funeral Program (May 29, 2008)

Note: This program contains a poem called “A butterfly lights beside us…” with the author given as “unknown.” After searching online, we have not been able to identify an author and copyright information, so we have included the poem in this scan.


Oscar Crosswell Leigh Allen Funeral Program (Mar. 20, 2009)


John Louis Seebach Memorial Items (Jan. 27, 2011)


St. Monica Parish Surveys

All primary sources are published with the permission of the St. Monica Archives (SMA).

St. Monica Trustee Report (1959)

Note: Two digitized copies of the report are included here. The second copy has better print quality, but is missing the fifth page.



St. Monica Parish Review (Apr. 19, 1985)


St. Monica Parish Histories

“Parishes in Trouble: Diminishing White Catholic Congregations in Changing Neighborhoods” is reprinted with the permission of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, part of the USA TODAY Network (Gannett). The rest of the documents are published with the permission of the St. Monica Archives (SMA). All original documents are held at SMA.

Certificate of Incorporation of St. Monica’s Church (1898)


Works Progress Administration Survey of State and Local Historical Records for St. Monica (1936)


St. Monica Draft Parish History (No Date, Post-1924)


St. Monica One-Page History (No Date, Circa 1939)


Unfinished Bibliography about St. Monica (No Date)


Charles L. McCarthy, “Foundation of Saint Monica’s Church of Rochester” (1949)


Ron Robitaille, “Parishes in Trouble: Diminishing White Catholic Congregations in Changing Neighborhoods,” with photos by Jim Laragy, Upstate New York, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Sunday, Nov. 4, 1973

Editor’s Note: Upstate New York was a weekend supplement for the Democrat & Chronicle.


St. Monica Crop Walk (May 1, 2011)


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