For convenience, to shorten the headings of these primary sources, “Ss. Peter and Paul” is abbreviated as SPP.

Due to sheet music copyright restrictions, the following primary source documents were not added to this page:

SPP 150th Anniversary Mass Program (Jun. 27, 1993)
SPP 160th Anniversary Celebration Programs (Jun. 29, 2003)

All primary sources are published with the permission of the St. Monica Archives (SMA).

SPP Holy Name Banquet Program (Feb. 21, 1922)


SPP Practice for Decoration Day Parade (May 30, 1922)


SPP 75th Anniversary Committee Report (Jan. 7, 1986)

Note: Given that the parish of Ss. Peter and Paul was more than 140 years old in 1986, it is unclear what part of the parish was turning 75 in 1986–87.


SPP 150th Anniversary Outreach Ministries Flier (1993)


SPP 150th Anniversary Correspondence (Jun.–July 1993)

Editorial Note: The back cover of the St. Francis of Assisi Parish Council note has been removed from this file, as it features the cartoon character Ziggy, who is under copyright.


Photos from the SPP 160th Anniversary Celebration (Jun. 2003)


SPP Closing Mass Program (Oct. 1, 2006)