The following information is copied, with slight modifications, from the University of Rochester Course Description Course Schedule (CDCS) database.

CRN: 76586
Course: REL 278
Course Title: iReligion: Religion in the Digital Age
Term: Spring 2016
Credits: 4.0
Schedule: Spring 2016: MW 1400–1515. Spring 2018: TR 1105–1220.
Building/Room: Spring 2016: LeChase 121. Spring 2018: Lattimore 431.
Instructors: Dr. Margarita Guillory
Clusters: H1REL015, H1REL017
Offered: Spring

Description: How has technology impacted religion? This hands-on course explores how digital technologies like the Internet, social media, and gaming have changed the way that people think about religion. Class format includes discussions, application demonstrations, and individual/collaborative projects.