All primary sources are published with the permission of the St. Monica Archives (SMA).

For convenience, to shorten the headings of these primary sources, “Ss. Peter and Paul” is abbreviated as SPP.

SPP Maple Street Church Interior (No Date, circa Late 1800s)


M. Culhane, Interior of SPP Old King/Maple Street Church (No Date, circa Late 1800s–1900)


SPP Maple Street Church Interior (circa 1900)

Editor’s Note: Although the verso side of this photograph does not feature the annotation “M. Culhane,” the recto side appears to be the same photograph as the one labeled “M. Culhane.”


SPP Maple Street Church Interior (circa 1902)


SPP Maple Street Church Organ Dedication Pamphlet (Dec. 20, 1903)


In 1912, the parish of Ss. Peter and Paul moved from the church at Maple and King Streets to a new facility on West Avenue (known in 2019 as West Main Street). The primary sources that follow address the West Main Street church.

SPP Main Street Church Interior (1948)


SPP Main Street Church Photo (1950s)


SPP Our Lady of Perpetual Help Artwork (No Date)


John Curran, Analysis of Ss. Peter and Paul Sanctuary Statues (2005)