Due to sheet music copyright restrictions, the following primary source documents were not added to this page:

St. Monica Centennial Mass Program (May 17, 1998)
Sister Melissa Rose Gernon, SSJ, Holy Orders Materials (October 31, 2009)
Sister Laura Bishop, SSJ, Holy Orders Materials (September 1, 2012)

The original documents and digitized copies can be accessed at St. Monica Roman Catholic Church.

All primary sources on this page are published with the permission of the St. Monica Archives (SMA).

RCC19 Newsletters with St. Monica Centennial Information (1997–98)


Mass Program, Sister Marie Susanne Hoffman Pastoral Administrator Installation (Early 2000s, year not listed)


Bob Vogt Email on the Zodiac Symbols at St. Monica Church (Dec. 3, 2001)


St. Monica History Booklet (2003)


Father Fleming and Deacon Graybill Twenty-fifth Anniversary Celebrations (April–Sept. 2007)


“A Celebration of Our Sisters,” St. Monica Church (Aug. 19, 2012)